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JFK Millennium Partners (JMP) is a private consortium consisting of Vantage Airport Group, American Triple I, RXR Realty, and our airline partner JetBlue. JMP has a proven track record of successful, innovative projects at some of the most challenging and exciting airport and infrastructure projects around the world.

Vantage Airport Group is an industry-leading developer, investor, and manager of airports and terminals around the globe, known for projects including the new Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport. In its 25-year history, Vantage has worked with more than 30 airports, making them more efficient, profitable, sustainable, and connected to the communities they serve.

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American Triple I Partners (ATI) is a New York-based investor, owner, developer, and manager of infrastructure assets and infrastructure-focused companies. The 100% minority-owned and managed firm is committed to serving our investor partners and communities by deploying capital into much needed infrastructure projects and businesses throughout the United States.

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RXR Realty (RXR) is a New York-based vertically integrated private real estate company with deep experience in public-private development and expertise in investment management, property management, development, design, construction, leasing, and financing.

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Partner Airline

JetBlue is proud to be New York’s Hometown Airline® and the only major airline headquartered in New York. New Terminal 6 will seamlessly integrate with Terminal 5, building on JetBlue’s award-winning customer experience while expanding the airline’s footprint farther into the north side of the airport. It will help secure JetBlue’s long-term future at JFK with opportunities for new gates and offer partner airlines the ability to co-locate with JetBlue to improve connectivity for customers.